11 November 2008

Veterans Day

The two-oh-one file. When my old man came home carrying this --I knew it was time to pack and wait for the Mayflower truck. This is a day civilians wear a red poppy and wonder what the military must be like. But you know.

Civilians look at us behind the barb wire and MP guarded gates around the world and think we live in a prison. As a Brat, I looked out the gate to the civilian world of pawn shops, tattoo parlors, stereo warehouses and used car lots and wondered how miserable their lives must be. A career based on earning a buck selling to us....at 30% APR.

I know two brats read this. I'll keep at it until you stop.


Anonymous said...

I think there must be at least three who read this.

...missed you while you were gone so long...glad that you are back.

Please don't stop.

tintin said...

Thank you. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

W.Essex said...

Definitely keep it up! I'm not a brat, but served as a peacetime desk jockey (AG officer with some FA time). Love the blog.

I always thought retention would be better if every dometistic base wasn't in a shithole - as you described. I may have stuck around a little longer if I could live somewhere near civilization, but I understand that is the nature of the beast.

tintin said...

w essex-
Thank you for the kind words. Yeah, Army Posts are in some of the most terrible places. I've always wondered which came first.

victoria thorne said...

One more brat, here.

It's really a relief to find this.

tintin said...

You're making me misty. Welcome. Look forward to learning your brat story.

Kathy said...

You've heard from me before. I'm just doing the back reading. Makes ME misty. Keep going.