13 May 2009

Army Brat Vacation

A Polaroid. Somewhere in Mexico. Sometime in the 60's.

It appears I already know the position of Parade Rest and my sister knows Attention. My other sister declines to pose due to an interest in the goat. I loved going to Mexico as a kid. The food, the people, the candy. Man, it was like a dream. We never vacationed much as a family. That was usually saved for a transfer. If we moved from Ft Sill to Ft Bragg - - that was the vacation.

There was one vacation not associated with a move. Six Flags over Georgia. My father was miserable. Rides, crowds, lines, screaming kids... leaving the, "No Sticker!" note on the car... He called it, "chicken shit." --I'm amazed he did it.


victoria thorne said...

Fort Sill. 1964, I think. Right before transfer to Southern California, so dad could go to graduate school at USC.

Wasn't there long. But I did like Oklahoma. I was four, what's not to like?

Was taught to curtsy. Parade rest was for boys, I assume. And, for God's sake, keep your hands out of your pockets and stop squinting.

And never, ever startle at the sound of cannons. No matter how close they are. Daughters of Artillerymen just don't do that.

Ben said...

Man I hope more people click to enlarge that photo. Not to admire your position, but so they can come to appreciate the occasional superiority of third world cooking technique.

Anonymous said...

Cooking technique? Those hanging carcasses are the stuff of nightmares for a tender young child's imagination. Get a load of your sister's expression. Caption for photo could read "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Tin-tin's phred/dad says:
Photo taken about '63 in Ciudad Juarez, Mex. On the far east side of Juarez, just across a (then) unattended bridge. Usually unknown to touristas, but well used by locals (Tex and Mex). VERY secure then,(no drug cartel bad guys -- no DEA).
Kids could roam almost unattended (as these three in photo were). Market place included beef/goat BBQ (terrific by the slice) as in photo and old Mex women making Tacos on hot grill with various toppings (as in "Wild Bunch"). You can't get that here. "Mall" there was picturesque with Super Mercado (U.S. style Super Market), great fresh produce.(No bad viri back then.)
Tin tin was fortunate to have lived in a good time, in a good place. I'm afraid it's all now been spoiled .

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Tin-tin's phred/dad said:
RE; Mini-vacation to 6 Flags.
I actually enjoyed it.
Because you kids did.