26 April 2008

Ft Bliss Birthday Party

Ft Bliss, TX in the early '60s. I'm in there somewhere. I should be. It's my birthday party. While understanding this was a different time I'd like to point out some of the good things about growing up in the Army. One, you get a ton of toys and have parties like this because you're parents feel so guilty. Had I known then what I know now...I'd have pushed for more.

Two, you grow up in a diverse neighborhood. There was an ethnic mix and as a kid you couldn't be picky about your friends. You were in and you were out. You didn't split hairs about a kid who was darker than you and they didn't care you looked like you stepped out of a Hitler Youth poster.

I wish I knew where everyone in this picture was. That we at least exchanged Xmas cards. But that's the down side to this life. You move on. And if I went back to Ft Bliss no one I knew would be there. Most likely these quarters were replaced years ago. One can only hope.

Had I known, I would have picked a couple of "popular" sports or hobbies and stuck with them. Those activities can help keep the moving consistent. Whether it's band, cheer leading or football. You're usually able to go back into that activity no matter where you go.

I say "popular" because I chose activities not so popular. Sailing, skydiving, rock climbing and Judo were unique to locations or unique to instruction. I did them all at one assignment and never did them at another. My sister chose pottery and horseback riding but she always was the smart one.

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