18 April 2008

My Great Santini

"Do you know something I know, Mama? He loves the Marine Corps more than he loves us. He's supposed to, son. That's his duty. His job. All men are like that. No, said Ben harshly. It's different. Do you think Dupree Johnson's daddy loved his gas station more than his family? Or Robbie Chambers' daddy loved his doughnut shop more than his wife or kids?"
Pat Conroy, The Great Santini

If you're Brat and you've never read The Great Santini I urge you to find this book. You will learn so much about yourself and why things happen the way they do.

I knew the Army came first. What I didn't know was how far down the list I was. After I grew up, that sense of coming in second to last played a big part in my relationships with women. If I didn't feel like I was the most important person in their lives - - I moved on. In short, I was just like my father.


Kathy said...

I need a couple of hours to read your older stuff. I sure can relate. My brothers can probably relate more.

James said...

As a Brat myself I know the look. My dad could stare a hole through concrete. I can still feel the cold in the pit of my stomach when it was directed at me. When I first saw The Great Santini I was blown away. And God your picture with the Beret and khakis. I think I'll grab an Irish and be glad it's 30 years later.

tintin said...

Kathy- Sorry for my delay. Thanks for taking a look around here. I'm working on some things and hope to get more here soon.

James- I really enjoyed your blog and while not all brats are the same - - there are these simple connections we have: The PX. The Commisary and bowling alley. The front gate. I think it odd we all grew up on these little socialist islands protected from the civilians by barbed wire and gates while our fathers defended the civilians right to charge 29% APR for credit on a stereo bought on the strip just off post.

Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

tintin said...

Anon- It's not easy. But I need to. A good push is what I need and this might do it.